Discover the French capital through its history and its artistic, economic and cultural present. Join us in tours that offer a rich and diverse vision of the light city. Discover how and why Paris is Paris, an artistic and intellectual capital that has exercised a major influence around the world during the XVII-XIX centuries, a good part of the XX century, and still continues to fascinate us today with its intellectual, historical, aesthetic and vital charm.

Capital of gastronomy, fashion and glamour, but also birthplace and epicenter of political movements that created the modern world and international avant-garde artistic trends such as Impressionism, Cubism, Fauvism, Surrealism and many more. Here too, photography, cinema, modern urbanism with Haussmann were born, and it was a magnet for writers who made it the world capital of letters and the American “lost generation” whose main exponents were consolidated as writers in the French capital.

Thus, Paris offers an ideal framework and a multitude of angles to discover it or rediscover it. In addition to the obligatory visits of the main museums and points of interest, we wish to offer you several themes that illustrate the prominence that the city has had in the History of France, Europe and the world.